Helene Fischer exclusively at BILD – “Children are our future”

On Saturday Helene Fischer has her first big show appearance this year. In an exclusive interview, Germany’s biggest star talks about 2020, the corona pandemic and “A Heart for Children” (EHfK) …

BILD: Helene, you have been involved with EHfK in the past. What does it mean to you to help children?

Helene: “Children are our future, our hope and at the same time they are so vulnerable and dependent on us. They need and deserve our respect and protection. There is nothing more important than helping children to start their great adventure ‘life’ courageously, strengthened and optimistically and to be by their side when they need us. “

Helene Fischer will be THE star of the evening on Saturday in Berlin AdlershofPhoto: dpa

5 years ago you visited the then 7-year-old Sontje in the hospital for “A Heart for Children”. What did you personally take away from this meeting with the girl suffering from leukemia?

Helene: “I’ve seen how strong children are. And above all, how much calm and confidence there can be in such a small person. The many therapies, hospital stays – such a fate is difficult to endure for the whole family. It was also an uncertain, painful path for Sontje and her family, so I’m all the more pleased that the now 12-year-old Sontje is considered cured after 5 years and that she can lead a normal, happy life again.

Actually, you would have had rehearsals for your own show now and this year would have been very different for you too. How did you experience 2020?

Helene: “2020 was an absolute year of disaster for all artists and especially for our teams. But of course I know that a lot of my colleagues are far worse off than me. The organizers with their freelancers and service providers also suffer extremely from the Corona-related bans. Many are facing financial failure. These fates make me sad – also because I see that other sectors are receiving more government support. That’s why I don’t even want to complain myself. I used the time to push a few things and spend a lot of time with my loved ones – Corona-compliant, of course. We are preparing for the day when we can all start again. “

At “Ein Herz für Kinder” you are presenting a duet with Andrea Bocelli from your new album. How much have you missed being on stage and performing with other artists?

Helene: “This unperforming time without an audience is very depressing, desolate and doesn’t feel natural. For me as an artist, it’s not just a job. You put all your heart and soul into an appearance. This is my passion. If that goes away, there will be a big gap in my artistic life. The fact that I can sing with Andrea on stage again is a great gift for me at the moment. “

Why is it important to you to be part of “Ein Herz für Kinder” on Saturday?

Helene: “We are just seeing how important solidarity is for our coexistence. We all have to take care of each other in order to master the big and the small challenges. This is all the more true for the youngest in our society. It is therefore not only a pleasure for me, but also a need to support this institution with the relief efforts and thus many children and their families. “

++ How you can help! ++

If you want to help children in need, donate to BILD hilft eV “Ein Herz für Kinder”:

Donation account 067 67 67

Deutsche Bank Hamburg | Bank code 200 700 00

IBAN DE60 2007 0000 0067 6767 00


Or at www.ehfk.de or at www.paypal.me/einherzfuerkinder.

You can now also donate by phone: 01802 – 10 10 10 (landline: 6 cents / call, mobile: max. 42 cents / minute, daily from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.).

On December 5th At 8:15 pm, the big “A Heart for Children” donation gala will be broadcast live on ZDF.


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