Heavy rain, storm and hail – the severe weather radar for Germany

It seems over. The temperatures drop a little. Summer finally seems to be feeling good. But it rattles again. Especially in the south!

Today and tomorrow there are still individual thunderstorms. The storms on Saturday and Sunday were strong, but ultimately not as strong as expected. The German Weather Service warns of strong thunderstorms in Bavaria.

Graduate meteorologist Andreas Friedrich from the German Weather Service says to BILD: “In some parts of the country it remains turbulent. On late Monday evening and on Tuesday night, heavy showers and thunderstorms or, in some cases, prolonged heavy rain from France and Switzerland reach the south and southwest of the country. The precipitation spreads to the north approximately to the middle of the country. Then there is another local threat of storms due to heavy rain, storms and hail. The focus should be on the regions from the Black Forest to western Bavaria. It remains calm in the north. “

Heavy rains and thunderstorms in Central and Upper Franconia on Monday night caused flooded cellars and streets as well as fallen trees and a large number of property damagePhoto: Tobias Hartl Vifogra / dpa

On Tuesday and the following days, Germany will continue to divide the weather.

DWD weather expert Friedrich zu BILD: “The humid air mass continues to waft back and forth over the south-eastern half, causing a few showers and repeated thunderstorms. Heavy rain threatens local flooding, because 20 to 40 l / m² can patter from the sky within a short period of time. Sometimes it pours over several hours. “

Heavy thunderstorms have cooled down Germany

In the Black Forest and the Swabian Alb, only 11 to 12 degrees were reached on Monday night, as a spokesman for the German Weather Service (DWD) said. In north-western Germany, too, the nighttime temperatures only fluctuated between 12 and 15 degrees.

A fallen tree lies across a street in Senden.  Storms swept across parts of Baden-Württemberg on Sunday evening

A fallen tree lies across a street in Senden. Storms swept across parts of Baden-Württemberg on Sunday eveningPhoto: B & s Bernd März / dpa

In contrast, in the east: In the greater Berlin, Brandenburg and around Dresden there was another tropical night with values ​​of more than 20 degrees.

For Monday, the DWD expected only highs between 17 and 23 degrees on the Lower Rhine and Schleswig-Holstein. There they measured 25 to 28 degrees on Sunday, and even 30 degrees on Saturday. “Locally it is almost ten degrees cooler,” said the DWD spokesman.

A storm front moves across the Hanover region on Sunday morning

A storm front moves across the Hanover region on Sunday morningPhoto: Julian Stratenschulte / dpa

On Tuesday there are more showers and thunderstorms in the southwest, in the middle as well as on the Oder and Neisse with changing clouds – locally also storms. In the south-east it is initially clear, but in the afternoon there are also thunderstorms.

This is how it will continue in the coming days:

Tuesday: 18 to 26 degrees, individual thunderstorms, sunshine in between

Wednesday: 20 to 26 degrees, pleasant summer weather with sun, clouds and rain showers

Thursday: 21 to 27 degrees, mix of sun, clouds, showers and prolonged rain

Friday: 18 to 25 degrees, lots of sun, occasional showers

Saturday: 21 to 28 degrees, mostly friendly and dry

Sunday: 20 to 29 degrees, sunny and beautiful

“We were very lucky in Germany this time. This week there is feel-good weather. A mix of sun, clouds, individual showers or thunderstorms. The maximum values ​​are still around 20 to 26 degrees in the middle of the week. These are quite normal values ​​for the time of year, ”says graduate meteorologist Dominik Jung to BILD.


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