Heart problems from the pill ?: Felicitas wants 200,000 euros from Bayer

Freiburg – Felicitas Rohrer (36) had a clear idea of ​​her life. She was athletic, healthy and wanted to be a veterinarian. She had just finished her training. She was 25 years old then. But it shouldn’t come to that.

In July 2009 she suddenly collapsed and was in mortal danger. Now she wants 200,000 euros from Bayer. Because she is sure that her heart stopped because of the pill.

The disease began insidiously. Felicitas Rohrer had chest pain, could hardly breathe and only slept while sitting. At the Freiburg University Hospital, she collapsed with pulmonary embolism, plus a cardiac arrest, which she only barely survived.

The patient quickly suspected what had made her so sick: the pill “Yasminelle”, which she had also used for contraception. The Federal Institute for Drugs also found that around 9 to 12 women suffer from venous thromboembolism when they take the active ingredient “drospirenone”, which is contained in “Yasminelle”.

The trial took place in the regional court of Freiburg. The OLG Karlsruhe operates a branch there

Photo: Philipp von Ditfurth / dpa

That is why she has been suing the medical giant Bayer Vital GmbH for ten years, wanting damages and compensation for pain and suffering. In 2018 she lost in the first instance.

The health problems are not beyond doubt due to the use of the pill. Yesterday the appeal hearing before the Karlsruhe Higher Regional Court. Again with the expert.

And he discussed with the court whether the long-haul flight to Thailand, which Felicitas Rohrer had taken four months before the collapse, could have caused the thrombosis.

The expert considers the probability to be low. Judgment on June 25th.


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