Healthy soups for F0

Easy-to-digest soups are the menu recommended by many doctors for Covid-19 patients when they have a sore throat and anorexia.

1. Crab soup with water spinach

According to Oriental medicine, crab meat is sweet, salty, average, has the effect of clearing heat, helping to nourish blood, dispersing stasis, opening blood vessels, nourishing bones and marrow… A bowl of hot crab soup with red-pink crabs alternating with vegetables Green morning glory, natural sweet soup, effective in treating headaches, and rich in nutrients.

To have a delicious bowl of soup, it is necessary to choose to buy fresh crabs with the following signs: firm breast, tight bib, moderate size. It is advisable to buy crabs at the end of the month or at the beginning of the lunar month because this is the time when the crabs are fat and firm. When cooking, it is necessary to remove the bib because this is an excretory organ, with a strong odor.

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2. Papaya stewed pork shank soup

A reasonable diet for people infected with Covid-19 needs to provide enough, ensuring the ratio of 3 energy-producing substances: protein (protein) from 13-20%, fat (lipid) from 20-25% and starch. sugar (glucid) from 55-65%.

Healthy soups for F0 - 1

Papaya stewed pork leg soup is soft but not sick, sweet and cool papaya is not only good for postpartum women but also for people who are tired and debilitated like when they have Covid-19.

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3. kohlrabi soup cooked with fish

Many people think that when they are sick, they should abstain from fish and shrimp because they cause a prolonged cough. However, according to nutrition experts, cough is caused by disease, not by eating. Patients with Covid-19, need to fully supplement fats (lipids) derived from fish, very good vegetable oils.

Healthy soups for F0 - 2

Currently kohlrabi is in season so it’s delicious. A bowl of soup with soft and fragrant fish meat, delicious crispy kohlrabi, light bar broth, red dotted from tomatoes is very tasty. This is a rustic dish of many places in Thai Binh, Ha Nam, Hai Phong…

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4. Broccoli soup cooked with perch

According to Eastern medicine, cabbage soup has a spicy taste, is temperate, goes into the business waste, has the effect of warming, dissipating phlegm, beneficial gas, dispersing, and only system. Soups from broccoli help strengthen immunity, fight against colds and flu.

Healthy soups for F0 - 3

A bowl of hot soup with white perch meat, young broccoli, quickly helps reduce phlegm causing cough, effectively relieves pain.

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