Health trend hemp: Frankfurt doctor heals with cannabis therapy

Frankfurt – David H. (35) was desperate. Ten years ago he suffered a four-fold herniated disc, and an operation did not bring any improvement. That’s why he took strong painkillers, so-called opiates: “The side effects were so strong that I could no longer go about my everyday life. I had difficulty concentrating, severe headaches, dizziness, chills and was only on sick leave. In the end I lost my job. It just went downhill. “

His salvation: cannabis therapy!

Dr. Julian Wichmann (33) from Frankfurt is an expert in medical cannabis treatment. That is why he founded his company Algea Care. The team of doctors treats many chronic pain patients such as David H., but the therapy can also help with diseases such as ADHD, anxiety or sleep disorders.

The Doc: “We often experience significantly fewer side effects in patients than with conventional drugs – but still a great effect.”

Patient David H .: “I’ve been doing the therapy for nine months, I can go back to work, be there for my children, participate in life!”

The stigma of cannabis as a drug is a problem. Treatment has been legalized in Germany since 2017. Wichmann: “We are leading in Europe!”

But only a few doctors offer the treatment. Wichmann: “Many people lack experience, and the health insurance company does not make billing for the treatment easy.” That is why he and his team of doctors treat privately.

Patients can put the cannabis tablets in a so-called vaporizer

Photo: Andreas Arnold

How can you start cannabis therapy?

Wichmann: “Patients register online on our website and fill out a few forms. Then there is an initial personal meeting in a practice. Follow-up appointments take place digitally. We are also available to our patients seven days a week and we take time for them. “

What does the therapy cost?

Wichmann: “Around 120 euros, plus the costs in the pharmacy for medical cannabis. You can get it in any pharmacy in Germany. “

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