He shouted “Allahu Akbar!”: Police shoot knife man

Hamburg – Was it the act of a mentally ill person or a terrorist attack?

Major alarm with a fatal outcome on the corner of Hebebrandstrasse and Sengelmannstrasse: a man keeps walking down the road with a knife, threatening drivers.

He damages vehicles with his gun, shouts “Allahu Akbar” several times! Then he goes off on alerted police officers.

The mission begins shortly before 4 p.m. First the police try to stop the knife man with pepper spray. But the attacker continues.

The police and fire brigade were quickly at the scene


By chance, SEK officers are nearby, they use a taser. But the electric shock doesn’t stop the man either. He continues to approach the police officers, threatening them with the knife.

A patrolman shoots. The knife man collapses bleeding on the sidewalk. An emergency doctor and a paramedic take care of him. But despite resuscitation, he dies on site.

Teaser picture

An emergency doctor tried to save the man’s life. Gloves and bandages are still lying at the blood-smeared crime scene


Teaser picture

The suspected stabbing weapon of the perpetrator is on the edge of the road


The homicide squad and the state security have taken over the investigation. The motif has not yet been determined. Police spokeswoman Sandra Levgrün: “We also have to consider religious motivation.”

The identity of the attacker is also still unclear.


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