Have a year-end party with an oil-free fryer

The oil-free fryer helps to make grilled meat, potatoes, chicken wings, spring rolls … fragrant, crispy, for a cozy, quick year-end party.

The oil-free fryer does not need to use grease, but the dish is still delicious, easy to handle, suitable for year-end parties at home. With this product, you will process a variety of dishes such as grilled meat, fried chicken wings, french fries, baked potatoes … without spending much time.

Here are some oil-free fryers from brands, with prices down to 50%, from only VND 890,000 to under VND 2.3 million on Shop VnExpress.

Viaicom V30 oil-free fryer reduced by 50% to VND 890,000; has a capacity of 3.2 liters; operating with a capacity of 1,300 W; control knob rotating form; 3-layer non-stick pan and tray. The handle of the pot is covered with insulating plastic; have gaps to collect excess fat; have a cooking timer. Free warranty directly from the company for 12 months.

Philips HD9220 oil-free fryer reduced 2,249,000 VND (- 44%) Power: 1400-1425W- Frying weight: 0.8kg- Convenient 30-minute timer- Self-disconnecting when finished, safe - Technology Rapid Air, using hot air flow up to 200 degrees C- 2-year warranty genuine nationwide owns a unique design with very high heated air flow, fast circulation, star-shaped design and optimal heating configuration for allows you to fry a wide variety of delicious dishes in a fast, easy and healthy way without the need for extra oil. It features the unique Rapid Air technology that allows you to fry, bake, bake and roast the best fast foods and meals with less fat than a conventional fryer, using little or no oil.

Philips oil-free fryer decreased 44% to 2,249 million; capacity of 1,400 – 1,425 W; has a 30-minute timer; Turn off the power when cooking is finished. Pot with Rapid Air technology allows you to fry, bake, bake and roast dishes quickly. Genuine nationwide 2-year warranty.

Discount oil-free fryer - 4

Mishio oil-free fryer reduced by 44% to VND 899,000; 3.5 liter pot capacity, frying food for 2-4 users; The capacity reaches 1,400 W, frying the food is convenient. The mechanical control system with 2 knobs is easy to adjust; has a tray that is easy to remove and clean; Timer function of up to 30 minutes and 200 degrees C saves you from waiting time.

Mishio MK41 oil-free fryer reduced 1,190,000 VND (- 34%) Modern Rapid Air technology does not need grease to help fry foods that are crispy, fragrant, not burned, food is cooked evenly 4.4L capacity to suit the needs of a family of 4-5 people Save energy costs, save costs on cooking oil for food processing The 12-month product warranty helps you make fried foods quickly, without fat, while ensuring energy healthy and economical.  No oil splashing helps the stove always clean, minimizing grease.  With modern technology and many improvements, the product will surely assist you in your kitchen.

Mishio oil-free fryer down 34% to 1.19 million; The capacity of 4.4 liters is suitable for the family of 4-5 people. With modern technology and many improvements, this will be one of your powerful assistants in the kitchen. Product warranty 12 months.

3.0L Sunhouse oil-free fryer 909,000 VND (- 32%) With traditional cooking method, you need a certain amount of grease to cook food, accompanied by concerns about health and health. safe for processing.  With Rapid Air technology applied in the 3L SUNHOUSE SHD4023W oil-free fryer, the frying is not only faster but also better for health.  The pot is made of many durable materials, which limit corrosion over time, and have been recognized as safe for the health of consumers.  You will save a lot of appliance repair costs, electricity costs as well as time when using the 3L SUNHOUSE oil-free fried rice cooker SHD4023W. The SUNHOUSE 3L SUNHOUSE oil-free fryer SHD4023W has a compact design with lines soft.  The product has fashionable white color, luxurious gray gray detail points, very suitable for modern kitchen spaces.  3L medium capacity, suitable for families 2 - 4 people.

Sunhouse oil-free fryer reduced by 32% to 909,000 VND; 3 liter capacity, suitable for families of 2-4 people. The oven uses Rapid Air technology to help fry quickly. The honeycomb-shaped frying basket helps the excess fat easily flow down the bottom fat-collecting tray, not back into the dish. The large frying compartment makes cleaning inside the pot easy.

Discount oil-free fryer - 6

Mishio oil-free fryer decreased by 29% to VND 1,199 million; with a 4.5 liter frying tray, suitable for families of 4-6 people. The large frying tray is coated with non-stick powder coating, making cooking more delicious and easier. Frying tray with hot and convenient handle; Removable frying blister for convenient cleaning. 24 months warranty.

VnExpress Shop also has a lot of oil-free fryer products with many designs and features, which are selling at deeply discounted prices. See more and purchase here.

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