Haulage giant delivers with mega-wheel: the tractor on the saddle | Regional

Hamburg – He’s the truck among bicycles!

The freight forwarding company DB Schenker delivers in the city with a gigantic cargo bike: the “Megaliner”.

The colossus in numbers: 6.50 meters long, 500 kilos of freight, space for three euro pallets, 25 km / h top speed.

Hamburg’s Schenker boss Gert Ludt (51): “We have committed ourselves to fewer emissions to the city. It’s an exciting concept for us. “

Schenker tested what is probably the largest cargo bike in the world for a year. It drives around eight shipments a day and moves 20,000 kg of freight a month.

Pass an exam!

The forwarding company ordered two more copies from Christian Rusche (41, “Cargo Cycle”), one of which is to go to Regensburg.

But Rusche is already thinking about even bigger cargo bikes: “We don’t want to do without trucks. But there are areas where bicycles are more economical and faster. “

And that despite the unit price of 20,000 euros.


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