Hansa Rostock: 2-1 see in Mannheim

Strong! Third division Hansa got a 2-1 win in Mannheim (first defeat of the season), remained unbeaten four times in a row – and was second at least until Wednesday evening!

Trainer Jens Härtel (51) sends Pascal Breier to the bench, Nik Omladic starts for him – for the first time since December 2019 (shoulder surgery)!

Hansa aggressive, presses early. But as so often: the last ball is always a bad pass. Mannheim dangerous on the outside, but the flanks do not arrive. A game outside of the penalty areas.

In Mannheim’s penalty area things are going very well, in the end the ball lands in the goal after Verhoek’s headerPhoto: Lutz Bongarts

The first upset occurs after half an hour: Hansa defender Sonnenberg tugs, Martinovic falls in the penalty area, referee Waschitzki (Essen) gives a penalty. But the fouled bangs the ball on the left post (31st). Phew!

Waldhof then more offensively, Donkor shoots past (37)., Garcia’s shot is caught by the strong Hansa goalkeeper Kolke (39.). Then Rostock’s first good chance: Verhoek cleverly lets a train pass through for Litka, who pushes in to make it 0-1 (42nd).

Annoying: Hansa does not bring this tour into the cabin. Just two minutes later, Ferati lifts the ball into the penalty area, Martinovic spits the ball in (1: 1, 44th).

And it continues turbulent after the change, Litka free kick, Verhoek climbs up, heads in from 5 meters, 1: 2 (48th)! Mannheim is pushing for 2-2, but apart from a Costly header (crossbar, 72nd), Hansa’s defense doesn’t allow anything.

Luckily there was no second penalty for Sonnenberg’s push (90th)!


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