Hannover 96 – 3-0 in the cup against Werder! Kocak: “Very disappointing!”

The 96 year 2020 started badly in January with a 0: 1 in Regensburg. And the end a day before Christmas Eve is no better either. Lousy mess!

The Reds’ cup dream is (once again) over in round 2 – for the seventh time in the last ten years. Against Bundesliga club Werder, the team of coach Kenan Kocak (39) has less chance at 0-3 than the result suggests. That was nothing, not even a little cup fight.

Wet Kocak in just three minutes!

“No reproach as far as willingness is concerned. But we can’t take much positive from this game. The end is very disappointing, ”says a frustrated Kocak.

Most recently in the league, the Reds could rely on their stable defense: Only one goal in the last four games. Against Werder, the defense does swimming exercises in continuous rain, especially in the first half. Three attacks, two goals conceded, after 32 minutes the cup is practically sealed.

Gebre Selassie hit the first Werder chance after 27 minutes over the 96 goal. Then two minutes later he knows how to do it.

Again Augustinsson’s left flank, now Werder’s right-back pushes the dropkick thing to make it 0: 1 (29th). Because Hübers and Falette jump past the ball in a dogfight with Sargent and Sulejmani is too far away.

It’s too easy – but it’s even easier.

Just 180 seconds later, the 0: 2 (32nd). Moisander walks through 96 midfield, picks up Sargent, in! And the red ones? Bijol, Franke, Hübers and Muroya watch in amazement.

Captain Dominik Kaiser: “Bremen was extremely effective. They also had a lot more of the game in the first half. They clearly took advantage of the mistakes we made. “

And the reds didn’t even really fight back. Cup fight or even real struggle against the end? Nothing! Left-back Falette had the best and only scoring chance in the disappointing first half. After Kaiser’s free kick, he hits the goal (44th).


Nothing goes forward, Weydandt and Ducksch dive, in 90 minutes the Reds don’t get a shot ON goal. The closest thing is Werder defender Moisander. His failed header lands on his own outside netting (50th).

The first few minutes of the second half are the Reds’ best phase, even if Chong (48th) misses the 0: 3, but Ratajczak fails. But the Bremer catch up quickly: After Chong’s pass, Mbom pushes from three meters into the empty 96 goal (60th) – the final knockout in the cup!

Werder plays the thing down easily, Kocak clears his bench. The triple substitution of Twumasi, Basdas and Muslija (all 68th) has something to do with it. Defender Timo Hübers: “Maybe we had a bit of respect.”

At Sky the coach had previously said confidently: “We didn’t practice penalty shoot-outs. We want to do the thing in 90 minutes. “

Did it, but differently than expected.


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