Hanau attack: victim families insist on complete clarification

Berlin / Hanau – After the racist attack in Hanau (9 dead), experts discussed the crime and the consequences.

Title of the event: “One year after Hanau: Many unanswered questions”!

Ajla Kurtovic lost her brother Hamza on February 19, 2020, and insists that the crime be fully investigated: “I think it is important for us as a society and for us as those affected to tell the story over and over again and to deliver it to the victims to make it clear to people what really happened that night and that we have to stick together, ”said the young woman. The perpetrator wanted to cause a split. “You have to try somehow to stand against it.”

That evening, Tobias Rathjen (43) shot nine people with foreign roots for racist motives before killing his mother and himself. The following morning, the names of the people who did not survive the attack were read from a list – Hamza was there. “At that moment the world stopped for us,” says his sister Ajla.

Ajla Kurtovic (center) and her parents mourn their brother and son Hamza

Photo: Sven Moschitz

Many questions are still open – for example, why the act was not prevented despite various “warning signals” before the attack. For example, the perpetrator is said to have published pamphlets with conspiracy myths and racist views on the Internet before the attack.

The sociologist and head of the Jena Institute for Democracy and Civil Society, Matthias Quent, on the fight against racism and right-wing extremism: “We are at the beginning of a long learning process as a society, including the authorities.”

Terrorist attack in Hanau Niculescu and Iulia lost their son in the attack

Teaser picture

Source: BILD

October 24, 2020

According to Quent, the voices of those affected and civil society initiatives need to be heard, and victim counseling societies need to be strengthened “in order to master the increase in racist and right-wing violence at all”.

Terrorist attack in Hanau “You can’t put such a pain into words”

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Source: BILD


The Hanau victim commissioner, Andreas Jäger, also sees his hometown, but also society as a whole, faced with a major task: “I believe that, looking ahead, we have to fight every day to defend democracy,” said Jäger. It is important to make it clear that freedom of expression, democracy, the coexistence of different cultures, mutual acceptance and respect are valuable assets.


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