Hamburger rescued by 12-year-old: “I owe Colin my life!”

When Hilda Kiesau (70) calls for help in dire need, the young Colin does not hesitate for a second – and becomes a lifesaver at just eleven!

It is July 20, 2020 in the coastal town of Dahme on the Baltic Sea. A wonderful summer day on vacation for Hilda Kiesau and her husband Kurt (75). They know the place well, the beach, the sea. It is afternoon when the woman from Hamburg decides to go into the water again – as always with swimming noodle and only up to her chest into the waves. “I’m not a sure swimmer, that’s why I never go any further,” says Kiesau.


The wind drives them to the pier unnoticed. The pensioner was just able to stand, suddenly she no longer feels the ground beneath her feet: “I had the feeling that I was stuck in a vortex. My mind refused to accept that. ”She fights the underwater current, but the strength is waning. In the suction it is completely submerged. “I was scared to death,” says Kiesau.

A life-threatening situation – in which the woman from Hamburg meets a young hero!

Colin Schubert (12) with the Lifesaver Prize for his courageous commitmentPhoto: Beiersdorf AG

Colin Schubert, who was eleven at the time, around 20 meters away, hears their calls. The swimmer with the gold badge doesn’t hesitate for a second: “I swam there quickly, kept her head above water.” He grabs the 70-year-old by the shoulder and pulls her to the safe beach.

A courageous commitment, for which the twelve-year-old from Enger (North Rhine-Westphalia) is today awarded the “Nivea Prize for Lifesavers” from Beiersdorf and the DLRG.

Kiesau and the student are still in contact. The Hamburg resident touched: “My gratitude is difficult to put into words. I’m so glad he helped without hesitation. I owe my life to Colin! ”


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