Hamburg Towers win in Göttingen: Terry Allen shows everyone

The game clock in Göttingen had already expired. Nevertheless, Terry Allen (26) was allowed to go to the free throw line again. And sank both throws for the Towers – 98:94 (49:47). The Hamburg team fought for their sixth victory and worked their way into the top group of the Basektball Bundesliga.

Show everyone!

With his ex-team, the Power Forward made his best game with his own fashion label (“Martian” / Martianer) with 28 points.

“We knew it was going to be a battle and we would have to fight for 40 minutes,” said Whirlwind TJ Shorts (17 points). Coach Pedro Calles: “I’m happy with the result because everyone worked hard for it.”

The Towers led without top scorer Kameron Taylor (adductors) and Hans Brase (knee) with eleven points (41:30). But the tough hosts couldn’t be shaken off. Especially because the former Tower Jorge Gutierrez (25 points) delivered.

The defense could never really stop the “Veilchen” despite many fouls. “We’re still learning and trying to get better every day,” said Shorts.

When the game was on the brink, the youngest (1.75 m) took responsibility next to Allen: “When we have taken a lead, we have to kneel down and expand it. And on the other hand defend better, keep the opponent below 80 points. “


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