Hamburg Towers: Towers victory against Bamberg without coach Pedro Calles!

Hot, hotter – TOWERS!

Hamburg’s basketball players are the BBL’s team of the moment. In the duel of the series winners, thanks to the hammer defense, they also wore down the third big “B” – the former champions Bamberg – with 76:64 (42:25) after the Euro League teams Berlin and Bavaria.

And even without her trainer! Pedro Calles (37) had stayed at home in Neugraben with a gastrointestinal infection.

Assi Miguel Zapata (41) stepped in as boss for him. His brother José Manuel (47) is a famous opera tenor – tactical fox Miguel directed the towers with assistant coach Benka Barloschky (33) for the sixth victory in a row. And cemented the play-off place.

“I’m proud to see how my coaching staff and the players fight together,” said Calles on Twitter after the game.

Barloschky passed on the praise: “We coaches try to indicate a way, create a framework and prepare the team. In the end, however, it’s about the players. And they did it well. “

Center Maik Kotsar (24) was once again outstanding. The Estonian set a new career record with 22 points.

“Maik is in a good mood,” said Barloschky happily. “Again and again he finds ways to be effective. He’s a huge factor for us. “

The Towers played against Bamberg for 30 minutes with an aggressive defense. Then Bamberg came up again. Kotsar: “We made a few mistakes in the fourth quarter. We cannot allow ourselves that. So we made the ending a bit interesting … “

It will continue on Wednesday at Taillight Vechta (7 p.m., Magenta Sport).


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