Hamburg: right-wing extremist suspected cases in the fire brigade

Hamburg – Investigations at the Hamburg fire brigade!

The rescue services of the Hanseatic city have received the information from the Hamburg State Office for the Protection of the Constitution that an officer of the fire brigade has supported right-wing extremists on social media and has disseminated racist content there several times. Investigations are underway against the man. He is not allowed to come to work until graduation.

In a second case, the Hamburg fire brigade was informed by the Central Information Recording Service (ZHA-R) of the Hamburg police that there had been an exchange of unconstitutional symbols between members of the Hamburg fire brigade. Corresponding disciplinary investigations have been initiated in this case against five members of the fire brigade with the aim of resolving the matter consistently and as quickly as possible.

In a press release on Saturday, the fire brigade confirmed that it was investigating the incidents.

Fire chief Dr. Christian Schwarz: “Right-wing extremism has no place in the Hamburg fire brigade. We will not accept or tolerate any form of discrimination. We are all called upon not only not to look the other way, but to intervene actively, should there be any border crossings by individuals towards other members of the Hamburg fire brigade or third parties. “

And further: “This applies to personal attacks and also to attacks in social media or messenger groups. And one thing remains crystal clear: We will take strict action against discrimination at all times! “


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