Hamburg: Did mother want to kill her daughter (4) with medication?

Hamburg – Terrible suspicion in the Hanseatic city! A mother (35) is said to have tried to kill her daughter (4).

The woman took the girl to the clinic. Due to neurological abnormalities, there was suspicion of drug poisoning. The child has since been released and is in state custody, as are a younger and a slightly older sibling. The mother, a German, was initially at large.

The woman brought the child to the Wilhelmsburg children’s hospital three days before New Year’s Eve with suspected bruised skull, said the public prosecutor’s office, Liddy Oechtering. Because his condition had worsened, the little girl was referred from there to the Children’s UKE. Due to neurological abnormalities there was suspicion of drug poisoning.

The public prosecutor’s office has started the investigation and is also examining whether the woman could suffer from a mental illness.


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