Halle: This art is ripe for demolition

Hall – Saxony-Anhalt’s largest work of art was created on an area of ​​30,000 square meters in the Invest ruine on Böllberger Weg in Halle. Designed by more than 50 amateur and professional artists from all over Germany. Although it is doomed to be demolished.

“People from Munich, Leipzig, Berlin, Bremen, Rostock, everywhere worked here,” says Timm Höller (28) from the Kultur-Kiste eV association. He had the idea of ​​using the walls of the ruin as a painting surface.

Mythical creatures, portraits, landscapes, abstract signs … the artists’ imagination was almost limitless. “Only the glorification of violence is forbidden”, explains Michael Lämmerhirt (44) from City-Domizil GmbH the rules of the game.

The ruins of the never-ending sports paradisePhoto: Steffen Schellhorn

His company now owns the Invest ruin, which was originally intended to be a sports paradise. Demolition begins this week to make room for a new residential area on the Saale. “The artists asked our architects if they could use the walls beforehand.” Lämmerhirt was a little skeptical. “I would never have dreamed of something like this,” he is amazed.

For Höller it is part of the fact that graffiti disappears again: “Our art is ephemeral. Often pictures are painted over. ”Investor Lämmerhirt wants to preserve what is possible. He even hired a photographer to document the greatest work of art.

An artist sprayed a large and a very small cat (bottom right) here

An artist sprayed a large and a very small cat (bottom right) herePhoto: Steffen Schellhorn

He also lets his employees check whether individual pictures can be cut out of the walls before they are demolished. Should that work and even find buyers, he will pass the money on to the artists.

Artists from all over Germany sprayed in Halle

Artists from all over Germany sprayed in HallePhoto: Steffen Schellhorn


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