Halle: neighbors killed! The manslaughter’s confession in a bear sweater


Hall – Ernst D. (77) and his wife Sieglinde (70) sat in the evening in the courtyard of their property, ate dinner. Then neighbor Michael K. (42) came in a bear sweater with a 1.62-meter-long crowbar and took out …

Ernst D. hit the head two times with the six kilo iron bar. He died in the clinic three months later from his severe injuries.

On Wednesday the man in the district court wore burgundy prison clothes


Secured with handcuffs and ankle chains, the manslaughter entered the courtroom on Wednesday. Public Prosecutor Hendrik Weber: “The accused acted in a state of incapacity. He suffers from paranoid schizophrenia. “

Michael K. proved this when he admitted the act and claimed about the victim: “He covered up the murder of my sister.”

Widow Sieglinde D. (70) said in shock on the witness stand: “His sister Maika died in a car accident at the age of 17.” About the evening of the crime: “When Michael came running towards us with the pole, I screamed away. I knew something terrible was going to happen. “

The process continues.


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