Halle: Girl-catcher sentenced to nine years in prison


Hall – Nine years imprisonment for the girl catcher from Halle. And because Sebastian L. (25) continues to pose a threat, he is placed in a psychiatric ward to protect the public.

Review. On the morning of St. Nicholas Sunday 2020, the laborer kidnapped little Emy (6) from her apartment. He had entered the ground floor apartment through a tilted window. After kidnapping and abusing the child, he threw it into the hall to die. Two joggers discovered the little one – saved her.

The trial against L. took place completely in camera. Court spokesman Dr. Sebastian Müller (39): “His comprehensive confession spared the victim a testimony in court and considerably shortened the taking of evidence.”

The reviewers who examined Sebstian L. came to the conclusion that he is less responsible due to his intellectual disability and an existing pedophilia. The verdict is not yet legally binding.

Kid kidnapped and thrown into river BILD reconstructs the path of the girl-catcher

Source: BILD

December 9th, 2020

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