Halle: Does this fraudster have a pear or an egg head?

Two men meet in the courtroom. One is the accused. One is a witness. Then a dispute arises as to which head shape a wanted debit card thief has. An “egg head”? Or a “pear head”?

What sounds like a provincial play is reality and is currently being negotiated before the Halle District Court (Saxony-Anhalt).

The case: On August 21, 2020, the boss of a physiotherapy practice in Ostrau (Saxony-Anhalt) had her wallet with an EC card stolen. The thief withdrew 500 euros twice with this card. A surveillance camera filmed him: You can see a man with plump cheeks, a double chin, and short hair.

The police are searching with these recordings. Karsten T. (53) is targeted. He looks like what he is looking for. Witnesses claim to have recognized T. in the photo from the surveillance camera. He is also a patient in the physiotherapy practice.

The accused: Karsten T. (53)

The accused: Karsten T. (53)Photo: MARVIN MATZULLA

Now T. is on trial! He asserts: “I have to go to the hospital all the time because of my shoulder. That’s why I’m in physiotherapy. But I didn’t steal anything there! ”The public prosecutor calls Mathias B. (34) to the witness stand. The parcel delivery person has a figure similar to that of the defendant.

Ts’s defense attorney examines the witness and the shape of his head, then says: “The man in the surveillance photo has a pear head. My client, on the other hand, clearly has an egghead. ”Could the witness be the perpetrator? Does the head shape convince him? The witness swears: “It wasn’t me!”

The witness: Mathias B. (34)

The witness: Mathias B. (34)Photo: MARVIN MATZULLA

The judge is confused: “I’ll have an anthropological report made on the shape of the head of the two men!” There is to be a new court meeting in autumn.

Halle: Does this fraudster have a pear or an egg head?
Photo: BILD


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