Haiti: Police arrest alleged assassination planners after President assassination

Haiti’s national police have announced the arrest of an alleged mastermind of the murder of President Jovenel Moïse († 53) – it was a Haitian doctor who lives in the USA!

Christian Emmanuel Sanon (63) flew to Haiti in a private jet at the beginning of June, accompanied by hired security guards, and wanted to take over the office of president, said police chief Leon Charles at a press conference on Sunday. His motive was “political”. The doctor lived in Florida.

The suspected mercenaries also called him after the assassination attempt. The man allegedly hired a private Venezuelan security company based in Florida – initially to protect him.

The doctor is said to be the third US resident of Haitian origin and the 21st man overall to be arrested as a suspect.

The other two also reportedly lived in Florida, which is just 1,000 kilometers from Haiti. The remaining 18 were Colombians. According to the police, a total of 26 Colombian mercenaries, posing as agents of the US anti-drug agency DEA, were involved in the murder.

Three of them were killed, the remaining five were still being sought.

The 53-year-old head of state Moïse was attacked and shot in his residence. His wife Martine was seriously injured and was taken to Florida for treatment. The background to the act has so far remained unclear.


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