Hailstorm in Mallorca! Grains the size of tomatoes

Because in the south it is always nice and warm even in autumn: A violent hailstorm raged over Mallorca yesterday. Parts of the island were briefly transformed into a white winter landscape. Some of the hailstones reached the size of tomatoes. In Cala Ratjada and Son Servera on the east coast of the island they formed a white layer up to thirty centimeters thick.

The white splendor did not last long, however, heavy rain and temperatures around 14 degrees let the piled hail masses melt quickly on Thursday, as the “Mallorca Zeitung” wrote. At the Capdepera lighthouse, 20 liters of water per square meter were measured within ten minutes.

A lot of rain, strong gusts of wind and high waves were also expected for Friday and the next few days. There were even warnings of a so-called medicane, a storm low similar to a hurricane in the tropics, only in the Mediterranean. According to experts, the storms over the Mediterranean have become more frequent and violent due to climate change. Only from Wednesday the temperatures could rise again to 20 degrees.


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