“Haderner” is expanding – Munich organic brewers on the advance

Munich – This beer is actually a classic crazy idea!

On Christmas Eve 2015 Marta (43) and Thomas Girg (42) decided without further ado to set up their own organic brewery. “My husband was on the road a lot on business and wanted to spend more time with our sons.” At that time Girg was already a hobby brewer and beer sommelier.

Marta Girg, on the other hand, is a wine sommelier. “I never cared much for beer before,” she laughs. Nonetheless, she was immediately enthusiastic about the idea, because “in Munich they place increasing importance on handcrafted products and good quality,” she says.

For more than a year, the Girgs searched the region for farmers from whom they could obtain their organic raw materials. They found what they were looking for in Großhadern. Girg: “Hadern is like a small village in Munich. Very down to earth. That suits us. ”The district finally gave the beer its name:“ Haderner ”.

The range currently offers a naturally cloudy lager, a wheat beer, an IPA and an alcohol-free cellar beer. In addition, seasonal beers, such as the winter beer – Märzen. They brew around 1500 hectoliters a year. And demand is increasing: in 2021 the Girgs and their small team will move to a new, larger area not far from the current production facility. Then a small farm shop will also be added. Girg: “With the brewery we have fulfilled our dream.”

The “Haderner” is available in selected organic and beverage markets as well as in the courtyard sales: Großhaderner Straße 16, Mon. to Fri. 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., visit and tasting


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