Habits make you lose happiness

Happiness comes suddenly, but how to get happiness depends a lot on each person’s habits.

In life, there are habits that seem small, but are the main cause of people’s unhappiness.

1. Using your phone too much

For many people, the phone is like an inseparable thing, early in the morning lying in bed surfing the phone, and looking at the phone before going to bed at night.

To change, make statistics of the time you use your phone in a day, a week. If the numbers startle you, then you need to change your lifestyle immediately.

Many people have the habit of using their phones anytime, anywhere, from waking up to going to bed. Artwork: ecoguide-it.com

2. Too perfectionist

This is the type of person who always expects to be able to do the best. They are often too strict with themselves, feel that their achievements are not as expected, and are upset because they do not feel good enough.

At work, this type of perfectionism has the benefits of ensuring productivity, improving focus and efficiency. But self-perfectionists will always feel overwhelmed or dissatisfied with a failure instead of celebrating achievements.

3. Paying too much attention to public opinion

The way other people comment on the way we live affects more than we might think. For one person, it can be a whole life, but for the people around, it is often just idle, innocuous words.

You can’t change other people’s minds, but you can control your own destiny. Words are someone else’s, life is yours, don’t let gossip decide if you’re happy or not. So, learn to live independently, be yourself, do what you think is right.

4. Waste of time to save change

Buy an item, because to save a few pennies, it takes a lot of time to put up and down, compare prices with other places.

Also, don’t forget about product quality because of promotional prices or cheap prices. In the end, when I bought it, I discovered that the equipment was not good, just spent money and vented my anger on people.

5. Working without purpose

Open the computer to study, work but get caught up in a series of hot news online. Sitting surfing the web for an hour, but the main job still hasn’t done anything. Or go shopping, see a lot of beautiful, cheap things, buy it to fill the house but in the end don’t know where to use it, both wasting time and wasting money.

You work hard all day, but there are no results to prove that diligence. Therefore, you need to devise a strategy to increase labor productivity. For example, highlight three things that need to be prioritized, put a lot of effort into it instead of doing too many tasks at the same time, but all are unfinished.

6. Trying to do everything but no goal

When you spend your energies spreading out over too many things, sometimes you fail to hone your skills and mastery in the areas where you are strongest and best suited. The most important thing for you is to find what you are good at, passionate about because you can’t do everything.

If you don’t have a plan, you’re planning to fail. Planning is very important in helping you achieve your goals. It is a map that helps you get from point A to point B easily. How do we plan to accomplish our goals? What do we need to do? Bullet the to-dos and have a clear strategy.

7. Put your hope in others

Waiting for others to come to help, waiting for someone to understand your suffering, waiting for someone to comfort you… even longing for love and sympathy. This habit proves that you are a weak person, unable to be independent, not strong enough to stand firmly on the path of life.

No one can live your life for you. Once you accept that you are an adult, it means that you need to make your own decisions, not depending on anyone.

8. Have a victim mindset

In studying and treating patients, many of whom are depressed, founder of positive psychology Martin Seligman has noticed that many of them suffer from “academic impotence”.

Excessive feelings of helplessness often lead to self-destructive behavior. This is why people who see themselves as “victims” in their own stories are often unhappy. They believe that life is always difficult and there is nothing they can do to change it. They can only wait for others to save them because they think they can’t act and save themselves from trouble.

9. Holding on to the past

“If only I hadn’t done that at that time”, “If I had chosen this company in the past, I would have made a fortune now”… Conscience questions seem indifferent but only waste time, grinding. mentally worn down, making myself unable to be strong enough to move on.

We often tend to keep memories and images of events we have experienced in our lives. However, the truth is that worries and sorrows in the past only turn life upside down. If you feel you can change or fix something, act now. Otherwise, you should let things happen naturally, thereby finding peace and quiet for yourself.

Vy Trang (According to zhihu)


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