GS1, identification specialist in France and abroad

GS1 is co-constructing an identification system to guarantee better traceability of products and services around the world.

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Who is GS1?

Founded 50 years ago, GS1 is an international, neutral, non-profit organization. His goal? Secure, simplify, streamline exchanges and the sharing of information between companies. For this, GS1 offers rules for identifying products, services, locations, and sharing information, these are “standards”. They are adapted to all sectors of activity, and to the reality of the needs of the players concerned: mass distribution, technical industries, health, etc.

Focus on the operation and solutions of this benchmark player, in France and internationally.

GS1, a global organization that simplifies exchanges

GS1 France is the representative of GS1 in France. Globally, there are 116 organizations covering 150 countries. The identification systems developed are thus recognized throughout the world, and facilitate exchanges in France and on the international scene.

GS1 is part of the daily life of all consumers, through the reading of barcodes affixed to products at checkouts in stores. So every day that’s over 10 billion beeps!

GS1’s experience in identifying and sharing information has extended to many other areas, such as:

in the rail sector for the maintenance and traceability of spare parts,

in the banking sector to secure the delivery of banknotes, coins,

in the health sector, for the traceability of medical devices and medicines and the security of care provided to patients, etc.

In 2005, the international GS1 Healthcare group was created to bring together the global healthcare community and successfully lead the development and implementation of international standards. GS1 Healthcare brings together experts from hospitals,

pharmacists, clinicians, manufacturers, distributors and solution providers, as well as regulatory bodies and professional organizations to improve

supply chain security and efficiency.

GS1 is a UDI issuing agency/entity meeting many regulations around the world, particularly in the United States, the EU, China, Korea, Saudi Arabia.

GS1, identification specialist in France and abroad

GS1, identification specialist in France and abroad David Plas

Collaboration and co-construction, the DNA of GS1 France

The use of GS1 standards can only be done with the definition and the respect of precise rules allowing their sharing among all the actors and whatever their ecosystems. To develop these rules, which will simplify exchanges of products and related information, GS1 France relies on the collaboration of all partners. GS1 France has a role of facilitator and offers, through working groups, the possibility to the various stakeholders to find the best solution according to their needs.

GS1, identification specialist in France and abroad ©GS1

GS1, identification specialist in France and abroad ©GS1 ©GS1

The challenges of traceability in the health sector

Topical topic par excellence, securing healthcare is one of the main subjects on which GS1 brings its expertise.

GS1 identification standards guarantee the traceability of health products. They are indicated in particular in the regulations on the identification of medical devices at international level (UDI) and in the European regulation on the serialization of medicines to fight against their falsification (Directive 2011/62). Barcodes on healthcare products contain traceability information to help facilitate any product recalls. At the request of the World Health Organization (WHO), they have also been widely used in the provision and monitoring of the administration of vaccines for Covid in different countries.

GS1 standards are part of everyone’s daily life and their use in the health sector contributes to securing healthcare. Their implementation throughout the circuit, from the manufacturer to the patient, mobilizes all GS1 entities and the international GS1 Healthcare group.

If you would like more information on the GS1 standards or participate in the collaboration, you can contact us by email [email protected] or on

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