Greenpeace activist flies in Munich stadium: is he a role model for terrorists?

Munich – Paramotor pilot Kai von S. (38) was able to fly unhindered into the Munich Allianz Arena, which had 14,000 spectators. Snipers had him in their sights and could have shot down the activist on his flight.

According to Interior Minister Herrmann, they did not do that because “Greenpeace” was on his screen. BILD clarifies the most important questions about the madness flight.

Can the Greenpeace campaign encourage terrorists to do the same?

In fact, terrorists could try to disguise attacks as a protest. Attacks from the air have been discussed for a long time, says terrorist Peter Neumann (46) to BILD.

Peter Neumann is an expert on Islamist terrorPhoto: picture alliance / AP Photo

An example: In North Rhine-Westphalia the wife of an Islamist asked about paragliding courses. An attack in a stadium would have enormous propaganda effects, but it would require a lot of preparation.

“Such an attack from the air using a drone would be more likely,” says expert Neumann. In Iraq and Syria, ISIS has already used drones equipped with explosives.

Was the flight planned by Greenpeace?

“We can’t say anything about that,” said the environmental organization on Thursday when asked by BILD.

The break pilot collides with a steel cable on the stadium roof - and loses control

The break pilot collides with a steel cable on the stadium roof – and loses controlPhoto: Getty Images

However, it is considered unlikely that paramotor aviator Kai von S. initiated and planned the protest flight to the Allianz Arena alone. Its umbrella bore the Greenpeace logo. In addition, the organization committed itself to the protest shortly after the crash landing of its activist.

Did the police know beforehand?

According to a Greenpeace spokesman, the police were informed about the protest flight shortly before take-off – the police deny that. According to BILD information, a Greenpeace plane helper is said to have spoken to a folder at the stadium before the action.

How was the flight route?

So far unclear. Investigators try to reconstruct where Kai von S. started. He himself is silent, according to Greenpeace he started on a meadow at the stadium.

When did the police notice the gunman?

One and a half minutes before landing in the stadium, Kai von S. was seen for the first time by emergency services. The SEK Südbayern immediately took him in the crosshairs, snipers never let him out of their sight.

How are the injured?

During his action, Kai von S. grazed two people at around 50 to 60 km / h. The stadium employee (42), who works for Uefa, was injured in the head and neck and came to the clinic with a suspected facial fracture. The Ukrainian was released on Wednesday after a night in the ward. The French TV technician (36) could be discharged after outpatient treatment on the head.

Does the pilot now threaten to withdraw his license to practice medicine?

Kai von S. is a surgeon. “Only when he has been finally convicted can professional judicial proceedings in accordance with Article 39, Paragraph 3 of the Medical Professions Chamber Act be initiated,” says Florian Wagle (33), spokesman for the Bavarian Medical Association.

The doctor threatens, among other things. Up to five years imprisonment for violating the Aviation Act.


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