Greenpeace activist at EM: “The pilot risked countless lives”

Munich – When Kai von S. flies into the Munich Allianz Arena with his bright yellow paramotor on Tuesday evening, the police snipers posted there have him in their sights.

But they don’t pull the trigger. Although the airspace above the stadium is closed, although the first game of the German national team at the European Football Championship is a high-security event.

What saves the life of the chaos aviator: the “Greenpeace” lettering on the screen! Andreas Franken, spokesman for the Munich police: “We were able to perceive the approach shortly beforehand and recognized in an initial assessment that this was an action by an environmental organization.”

How close it was, confirmed on Wednesday Bavaria’s Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann (64, CSU): “If the police had come to the conclusion that it was a terrorist attack, he would have had to pay for it with his life.”

Kai von S. sails into the stadium with 14,000 spectators – and almost causes a catastrophe. Because the Greenpeace pilot (see text below) slams against a steel cable on the stadium roof, along which moving cameras are driving. He shoots down vertically, tries to get his aircraft under control again, almost thunders into the stands – and can just turn off onto the field.

He brushes against two people at around 50 to 60 kilometers an hour: A stadium employee (42) from the Ukraine is injured in the head and neck, a French television technician (36) in the head. Both come to the hospital and have since left it.

Munich’s police chief Thomas Hampel (55)Photo: Matthias Balk

Munich’s police chief Thomas Hampel to BILD: “The Greenpeace campaign was an insane suicide mission! The pilot risked countless lives. ”Because during his crash flight he lost the protective case of the propeller, the blades of which were torn off. It’s hard to imagine what would have happened if the propeller would have popped into the audience.

Kai von S. is handed over to the police, remains silent. He is released for lack of grounds for imprisonment. The commissariat for politically motivated organizational crimes investigates, among other things. because of dangerous physical injury, endangerment of air traffic.

According to Greenpeace, he started in a meadow near the stadium. Yesterday the environmentalists apologized to the injured. Even to them it should be clear: Not only the pilot could have died!

With the propeller on your back to the Allianz Arena

Greenpeace activist Kai von S. landed on Tuesday evening with a so-called paramotor on the field of the Allianz Arena.

You carry the propeller motor (5000 to 9000 euros) like a backpack on your back. The pilot and glider (approx. 3000 euros) are attached to it by means of a harness.

Kai von S. after landing on the field - the safety basket on the electric drive is completely torn off

Kai von S. after landing on the field – the safety basket on the electric drive is completely torn offPhoto: MATTHIAS HANGST / Pool via REUTERS

To start, you lay out the glider behind you and start walking with the engine running until the glider and pilot take off.

The license to fly such a device is called the “pilot’s license for air sports equipment drivers with the authorization to use paramotoring”.

This requires training in a flight school.


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