Greenfeed’s Tet series of community activities

Greenfeed’s program ‘Touching New Year’s with G’ and ‘Full meal’ was born to bring consumers closer together, and at the same time, join hands to help disadvantaged children.

According to a representative of Greenfeed, “Touching the New Year with G” is an interesting offline interactive experience. Consumers can not only shop for products at a preferential price, but also give this opportunity to relatives and friends, and join hands to help underprivileged children and disadvantaged children. .

“Touching Tet with G” is an interesting activity of Greenfeed Group (which owns food brands such as G Kitchen, WYN, MamaChoice).

When customers see “Touch” points at G Kitchen and Mamachoice brand clean meat stores from Greenfeed, or at points of sale or posters… with QR codes, customers can quickly scan with their phones to be directed to event page. Here, when clicking on the “Touch” icon, the customer will contribute 1 meal to the “Full meal” program. In addition, customers will receive gift vouchers from the Group’s food brands to purchase products at preferential prices and have a good and full Tet season.

Sharing more about the “touch” story that the corporation chose for this year’s Tet, a representative of Greenfeed said that 2021 is a year of many challenges. On the occasion of the new year, the corporation wishes to create opportunities for people to easily “touch” each other. From then on, Together with G touched all Tet flavors was born.

Along with the QR interactive experience, this Group also implemented the Full Meal program with the message “Million good and delicious together – Touching the miracle of Tet”. Consumers can accompany the corporation by participating in activities on Greenfeed’s Facebook channel.

Full meals will return in 2022, celebrating Greenfeed reaching the milestone of delivering 1 million meals after 3 years of implementation.

“Full meal” continues to be implemented in 2022, celebrating Greenfeed reaching the milestone of delivering 1 million meals after 3 years of implementation.

From January 17 to February 13, attendees can draw a picture or take a photo of a meal they consider “Complete”, and post it on their personal Facebook page with caption (content ) expressed the thought “For you, what is a complete meal?”, using the hashtag #Greenfeed #BuaAnTronVen #TrieuLanhNgonBenNhau #CungChamTetNhiemMau. Greenfeed will deliver 500,000 meals to orphans with 500 entries or more.

The Whole Meal has been started by this Group since 2019, in response to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals such as eradicating hunger, reducing inequality… The program serves as a commitment. The bond between Greenfeed and G Kitchen brand since its inception: constantly creating human values, positive impacts on the community, focusing on improving the quality of meals for children, especially those have disadvantaged. The program’s destination is shelters across the country.

2022 is also the year marking the milestone of Greenfeed sending 1 million meals to orphans, disadvantaged children and the frontline against epidemics. “This milestone reaffirms that the Group always upholds community values ​​and attaches great importance to the goal of spreading delicious meals to the Vietnamese community in general and Vietnamese children in particular,” said a representative of Greenfeed. To share.

Greenfeed also said, if “Touching the New Year with G” is an activity that focuses on the interests of consumers, spreading sympathy for the plight of orphans and disadvantaged children, then ” A full meal” is an opportunity for the community to directly help underprivileged children, the frontline force against the epidemic “touches” a magical Tet season with delicious, warm, and loving meals. .

In the near future, the Group shares that it will continue to deploy more meaningful activities to reach the milestone of sending 3 million full meals to Vietnamese children.

The Dan

As a brand that stands in the ranks of Top 100 global animal feed companies (according to Feed International), Top 50 leading brands in 2020 by Forbes Vietnam ranked, Top 100 largest enterprises in Vietnam (VND 500), Top 1 best place to work in Vietnam in the agriculture – forestry – fishery industry (according to the results of an independent assessment survey), Greenfeed always aims to build a brand of quality, healthy food, reliable and constantly creating sustainable values ​​for society.
Immediately visit the fanpage to find out information and participate in activities of Greenfeed’s campaign “Let’s touch the New Year with G”.


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