Green plane, artificial heart … 9 solutions to progress towards the world of tomorrow

Solar car

Half-car, half-flying saucer, the Aptera is a futuristic three-wheeled vehicle whose bodywork offers unprecedented aerodynamics, to consume as little as possible and reach up to 1,600 kilometers of range. All electric. The interior is in fact covered with photovoltaic panels to capture solar energy while driving. Created by a Californian start-up, it is due to land on the market this year, with an entry price of $ 25,900.

The Aptera solar car. (APTERA)

Smart train

Long before the car, the train will become autonomous. Thales is working on a range of sensors for the rail: an inertial unit to know its precise position, radars (collision, ground speed measurement, etc.), and various cameras. All of them will interact in 5G with a conductive artificial intelligence, trained to identify obstacles on or near the railroad tracks. Tests are being carried out with SNCF, for deployment scheduled between 2023 and 2025.

Green plane

“Here is the greenest plane in the world”, says British start-up Faradair about its prototype. This small aircraft (18 passengers) intends to meet the environmental challenges of the aviation sector, thanks to a hybrid propulsion combining biodiesel and electric, powered by solar panels on the cabin. Better, the whole would not be noisier than a vacuum cleaner. The first short-haul commercial flights are planned p

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