Great news for Instagram users, now everyone can share the link on their story

Instagram: Every Instagram user can now share the link on each of their stories. Till now this feature was only for such users who had a certain number of followers. Along with this, users with verified accounts could also use this feature. However, now Instagram has made this feature available to all users by changing its policy. With a recent update to Instagram, everyone can now share the link in their story.

Now any user can use the link sticker to add a link to their Instagram stories. Your follower will be redirected to the linked site or page once you tap on the sticker in the story.

You can use this feature by following these steps:-

  • Upload content to your story on Instagram and create a story.
  • In the top navigation bar you will see a sticker tool, click on it.
  • Here tap on the “Link” sticker, now type the URL of the link you want to share.
  • After typing the URL, you have to tap on “Done”.
  • You can place the sticker anywhere on your story and tap the sticker for its color variation.

These people still will not be able to use this feature
Instagram also announced that new accounts and users who repeatedly share hate speech and misinformation, or other content that violates our Community Guidelines, will not have access to the Link Sticker.

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