Great message to Berlin – who is greeting from heaven?

Berlin – Sorcery? Thousands of Berliners suddenly discover white cloud writing over the city. But where did they come from?

Often thick clouds look like animals. But when suddenly a “Hallo Berlin” in cloud script appears in the capital city sky – that has never happened before.

A very special greeting from the air that has nothing to do with magic, but is responsible for the five art pilots in their small planes. “We are in the sky on behalf of customers, distributing messages,” says David Schimm from “Skytexter”. A concept that is unique in Europe.

The planes are traveling in parallel at a distance of 20 to 30 meters. All are connected via W-LAN. The command aircraft in the middle takes over the control and triggers a simultaneous ejection of clouds in all aircraft.

Schimm: “If there is no wind, the writing can be read for minutes. Each individual letter is up to 200 by 200 meters. A single message that is several kilometers long. “

Five of the art pilots fly over Berlin to write their greeting messagePhoto: Source: David Schimm @ Skytexter

Although the Wölkchengruss was dropped off at an altitude of 3000 meters above Berlin, thousands of Berliners were able to read it on Friday. In the social networks there was puzzling over how this works and how environmentally harmful aviation is for such an advertising purpose.

“We fly climate neutral. For the writing we use environmentally friendly paraffin oil, which evaporates at a higher temperature. There are no residues left in the air – just our messages, ”says Schimm.

On Saturday the squadron wanted to take off again from the Strausberg airfield in the direction of Berlin. But this time the natural cloud cover prevented the start.


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