Great concern for Vanessa Mariposa: surgical drama about fitness model!

Cologne / Munich– Only in April this year is a fitness model Vanessa Mariposa (28) narrowly escaped death: a severe inflammation of the renal pelvis, water in the lungs. “I almost died”, Vanessa Mariposa remembers the difficult days in Schwabing Hospital (Munich). Now she had to go under the knife again!

Background: Vanessa Mariposa broke the pool in the gym five years ago! “I wanted to do an exercise on the multi-press. Here you lie on the floor and push weight up on one of the ropes with your pelvis. On the last repetition, I ran out of strength, the bar slammed down – onto my pelvis. I couldn’t move anymore. “

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When Vanessa was home, the pain did not subside. Her pelvis turned dark blue in some places – she could no longer walk. Hospital! “I had to have two operations. The tissue was dead and had to be cut out. ”

BUT: Tissue hardening and lumps in Vanessa’s abdomen and pelvic region remained from the operations five years ago. “Since then I have had this area softly injected with hyaluronic acid. That way I didn’t have any pain. The injection is extremely painful, costs 2,000 to 3,000 euros per treatment and is not a permanent solution ”.

Mariposa now decided to have a third operation! “I finally want to live pain-free and get rid of the bumps!” She says. With dermatologist Dr. Afschin Fatemi had her treated with a new laser method (laser lipolysis) in Düsseldorf on Wednesday. “Treatment with the SlimLipo laser device gently melts the fat pads, whereas traditional liposuction tends to pull the fat out. Treatment is associated with less blood loss and less pain after surgery. In addition, there are better conditions for a smoother end result, ”explains Dr. Fatemi.

Shortly after the operation: Everything is still swollen and bleeding. “I had profuse bleeding the first night”

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Operating room costs: 12,000 euros. The health insurance did not cover the procedure. The sports influencer (450,000 fans on Instagram) still has to recover from the laser treatment. “I’m swollen all over the place, I’m in pain.” She has to wear compression leggings and a belt for a month now, sport is taboo for the time being!

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The consequences of the intervention are also visible on the side

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Although I have not yet seen the result because of all my swellings, bandages and compressions, I am incredibly happy!

Her treasure, the Cologne tattoo artist Diogo Sangre (28), with whom she lives together in Cologne, is now an enormous support.

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Your love gets under your skin: Vanessa Mariposa and boyfriend Diogo Sangre are freshly in love and forever connected with their partner tattoo

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Dachshund puppy Zorro is also proof of her love for Diogos. “He gave it to me. Zorro is like our baby. “

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