Great Britain: Vegans exempted from compulsory corona vaccination at work

“No jab, no job” – no job without vaccination. From October this will not only apply to British nursing staff, more and more private companies are also making vaccinations mandatory. Tech giants like Google and Facebook are among them.

But there is a curious exception for employees of such companies: Vegans are exempt from the vaccination requirement for the British!

This is reported by the newspaper “The Telegraph”. Reason for the rule: In UK labor law, certain beliefs are specially protected. According to a court ruling last year, this includes so-called ethical veganism.

Means: Employers risk legal proceedings if they fire vegan employees because they do not have a corona vaccination. Even with new hires, companies should not simply require a corona vaccination from vegans.

A law firm spokesman for Lewis Silkin said: “Some ethical vegans refuse vaccinations on the grounds that they are invariably tested on animals.”

Other people who belong to protected categories are therefore probably exempt from the compulsory vaccination – such as religious groups and people with certain diseases.

Foreign Minister Dominic Raab (47) had praised the “Jabs for Jobs” rule on Thursday as “intelligent politics”.

That is why the vaccines are not vegan

The fact is: The vaccination doses do not contain any animal ingredients. However, ethical vegans reject animal testing – and the corona vaccines have been tested on animals.

However, many animal rights activists consider it complete nonsense to refuse vaccination because of animal experiments.

For example, Peta, the world’s largest animal welfare organization, writes on theirs Website: “As long as animal experiments are required by law, however, it makes little sense to refuse a drug for ethical reasons.”

This does not help animals from previous experiments or those for possible future experiments. Instead, changes in the law are necessary so that animal testing is no longer mandatory, according to the activist group.

Instead, Peta even explicitly praises the “successful approach” of the vaccine developers: “Due to the urgency (…) this time certain animal experiments were skipped and clinical studies with humans were carried out in parallel.”

Meanwhile, Jeanette Rowley of the UK Vegan Society said she had received around 100 inquiries from vegans who refused to be vaccinated and were concerned about their jobs.

Rowley: “You are psychologically very affected because you have to face this dilemma.”

However, she also reported that many of the ethical vegans ultimately chose to vaccinate because of their “greater responsibility to people”.


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