Gray-haired girl from 11 years old

BrotherEmiriana Litsa, 34, has had almost 20 years of using hair dye, an average of twice a month to cover her gray hair.

Emiriana said she first discovered she had gray hair when she was 11 years old. She didn’t see anyone her age with gray hair, so she was very upset. “I was afraid to stand out because of my white hair. When you were 11, you just wanted to fit in and be like everyone else,” she said. Emiriana dyed her hair black and kept it a secret throughout her teenage years.

The last time Emiriana Litsa dyed her hair black was in June 2018. Photo: Instagram @ silver_raven_emi / News Dog Media

In her mid-20s, the girl began to find it exhausting and expensive when she had to dye her hair once every two weeks. At this point, Emiriana began to question what beauty standards and societal pressures were to make her cover up her real hair color.

She began to relax the frequency of dyeing her hair. Looking at her natural gray hair at the age of 20, Emirian suddenly found herself unique and different. She decided to free herself and learn to love the inherent hair color. In June 2018, she decided to visit the hairdresser for the last time, a few days before her wedding.

After four years of sticking to her original hair, the only thing Emirian regrets is not deciding to go gray sooner. Many women approached Emirian and complimented her hair. That made Emirian feel confident and happy.

Emirian is confident with gray hair after the age of 30. Photo:@ silver_raven_emi / News Dog Media

Emirian is confident with gray hair after the age of 30. Photo: Instagram @ silver_raven_emi / News Dog Media

Currently, she often shares about her hair on social networks. Accompanying the photos, Emirian conveys the message: “Women can and should set their own standards of beauty”.

“I don’t want to say what women should or shouldn’t do with their hair. But hopefully it can prove to be appropriate for all ages,” she said.

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