Grandchildren saves grandma: “The criminal rang the doorbell of the wrong grandma”

There are people whom criminals should better steer clear of. How quickly a crook gets to the wrong person!

Just like last Monday in Essen (North Rhine-Westphalia): A man (42) rang the doorbell at Irmgard R. (101), pretending to be an employee of the waterworks – and he was in the senior citizen’s apartment!

Immediately he marched into the bedroom and looked around. But not because of water damage: he wanted to rob Irmgard!

What the crook did not suspect: Thomas R. (38), the grandson of the elderly lady, was just quick to get strawberry cake.

When Thomas returned, he grasped the situation in a flash.

To BILD am SONNTAG he says: “When I came into the apartment, Grandma came out to meet me with the man from the bedroom.” The crook nervously stammered something about a leaky pipe, reports the grandson. Thomas R. continues to BILD am SONNTAG: “I said to him:“ You are coming out of the bedroom. But there is no water! ‘”

The intruder wanted to flee. There was a wild tussle in the hallway – with a bad outcome for the gangster: grandson Thomas took him into a headlock. Then they both rushed down the stairs, the crook broke his nose.

Ouch!  Grandson Thomas took this photo of the injured intruder

Ouch! Grandson Thomas took this photo of the injured intruderPhoto: private

Witnesses locked the front door, alerted the police and helped overpower the criminal. When officers arrived at the scene, the perpetrator was sitting on the street in front of the house, crying and his face smeared with blood – arrest!

Grandchildren saves grandma:
Photo: BILD

According to BILD am SONNTAG information, it is Giovanni H. He is said to have been wanted by the police for a long time. A judge put him in custody. “That could have killed me,” says Granny Irmgard. “My grandson is my hero. Thomas takes good care of me. “

He replies: “The criminal rang the wrong grandma’s doorbell.” The grandson injured his ribs when he fell down the stairs. No matter! “The most important thing is that nothing happened to Grandma.” And she has learned one thing: “I don’t open the door to strangers anymore.”


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