Grandchild trick: Hero craftsmen save the elderly (81) from scammers

Wuppertal – The scene immediately struck him as suspicious.

When window fitter Ronny M. (37) from Wuppertal was taking his lunch break with colleague Kevin F. on November 25, 2021, he observed an elderly woman (81) who was excitedly phoning: “She kept asking excitedly on the phone: ‘Where are you ?’, then disappeared into the house.” Shortly after, a younger woman followed her. She came out with a bulging bag and hurried away.

The craftsmen spoke to the excited senior citizen – who initially only said to them: “It’s gone with my bag.” a baby died. Only a high bail could prevent their imprisonment. In the background someone was crying – supposedly the daughter.

Now the 81-year-old reported to the district court how she was put under pressure that day until she packed up money and jewelry worth 250,000 euros. But she had become suspicious because the tearful woman on the phone said “Mami” to her. The pensioner: “My daughters call me Mutti.”

Nevertheless, the 81-year-old gave the bag to Isaura W. (36), a Pole who had traveled to Germany especially for this coup. In court, she refused to name her backers. That’s how the mafia works.

Grandchild trick: Hero craftsmen save the elderly (81) from scammers
Photo: BILD

Lucky for the senior: Ronny followed the scammer on foot for two kilometers, Kevin followed in the Bulli and alerted the police.

The fitters stopped the woman at a bus stop. Ronny M. to BILD am SONNTAG: “It’s pathetic to offend old people like that.” Isaura W. was sentenced to 18 months in prison.


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