Grand Master Vo Dang humiliated: Breaking bricks without breaking, falling and falling painfully frogs

Sunday, January 10, 2021 19:04 PM (GMT + 7)

(Sports news, martial arts news) Grand Master Vo Dang showed off his different kungfu and received a humiliating defeat.

Video player Tran Su Hanh has a terrible performance

Tran Su Hanh is the leading famous martial arts master in China. Not only famous for his title of Grand Master of the Vo Dang sect, he often demonstrated unique and strange martial arts skills. Many people rumor that Su Hanh possesses contemptuous power, can fly, dance almost “birds”.

Master Vo Dang and moments of failure

Su Hanh was once praised as the “first sword” in the Chinese martial arts village. He has repeatedly performed kungfu such as punching paper with his hands, breaking bricks, kicking with his hands and feet … Recently, due to performing a strange performance, he has failed and was ridiculed by netizens.

Su Hanh displayed “the god of kungfu” using his foot to break bricks placed on a circle about 1m high. After a strong kick, the brick had not been broken before he lost his balance and fell on his back very painfully to the concrete.

After the failed performance, Tran Su Hanh became the focus of discussion of social media users. “Does he have a contempt, why can’t he keep his balance in this case? Nonsense,” one wrote.

“If this is a performance with a sense of humor, then great, but sadly it is the product of the first master of Chinese martial arts,” the Weibo account quipped.

“Not too clear about martial arts, but it can be said that after that fall, whether ordinary people or people practice martial arts, it hurts to people,” another wrote.

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Director Vo Dang performed contemptuously, revealing tricks

(Sports news, martial arts news) The Chinese martial arts master was somewhat exposed after the faulty performance.


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