Government’s stand on TikTok ban revealed, now this update

new Delhi: In the year 2020, many Chinese apps were banned by the central government. Tiktok is also included in these apps. At the same time, other app banned from China, including TicketLock, is not getting any relief. The government has made it clear that the ban on these apps will continue. The government has sent a notice about this to all the apps.

A source associated with the case said on the condition of anonymity that the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (IT) has sent the notice after reviewing the responses to the banned app. Tiktok, on being contacted, confirmed to receive notice from the government.

Assessment of notice

Tittock has said that he is evaluating the notice. A Ticktok spokesperson said, “We are evaluating the notice and will respond to it appropriately.” Tittock was one of the first companies to follow the directives issued by the Indian government on 29 June 2020.

A spokesperson for Tiktok said that we constantly try to follow local laws and rules and try our best to address any concern of the government. Ensuring the privacy and security of all our users is our top priority.

Explain that the government first banned 59 apps in China and then 118 other apps in September. These include popular apps like TicTalk and PubG.

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