Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon… Why the financial system creates Titans

The power of the myth lies in its prodigious flexibility, in the fact that we can endlessly […] (re) interpret it, underlines the author Annie Collognat in her “Dictionary of Greco-Roman mythology”. A pleasant invitation that Charles-Edouard Bouée seizes with his new book “The Era of the New Titans”, which comes out Wednesday, October 21 from Grasset editions. For the partner of venture capital fund Alpha Intelligence Capital and former CEO of Roland Berger, the world today lives under the influence of Titans, mainly technological, such as the Americans Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft. (the “Gafam”) and the Chinese Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent and Xiaomi (the “Batx”). And the Covid-19 health crisis only accentuated their domination and power, leaving us, poor humans, very powerless. For Charles-Edouard Bouée:

The coronavirus did not play the role of the flood that is reshaping humanity, but rather of revealing this new era of capitalism.

Charles-Edouard Buoy

The crisis has shown the importance of size: small entrepreneurs are the ones who have the most difficulties, SMEs have been deeply shaken, when they have not lowered the curtain, while the global giants have continued to always amass more. It is not linked to globalization or capitalism, but to an overabundance of capital, and this since the financial crisis of 2008, which resulted in this new Titanomachy. From the name of this myth

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