Good deal: Emma mattress up to -35%

Since the dawn of time, sleep has always been a source of anxiety or intense happiness. But the quality of your mattress can play a major role in your quest for sleep. Emma mattresses are the promise of a soft and calm night. And they’re on sale right now, so don’t hesitate!

Emma Original mattress on sale: the perfect combination of comfort and support

Too hard, too soft, too soft, not sufficiently suited to your body type. When it comes to mattresses, you will quickly remove the words “too much” and “not enough” from your vocabulary thanks to it. The Emma Original Mattress is the result of many years of research and development to craft the perfect mattress. This mattress has an innovative technology that allows the mattress to adapt to your morphology to offer you optimal comfort. It meets all your desires and preferences in terms of mattresses thanks to the complementarity of 3 layers that make up the Emma Original mattress.

Emma Original mattress on reduction Emma

The best-selling mattress in France in 2020 is 299 euros instead of 497 euros, 198 euros savings! In addition, Emma Matelas is committed to letting you try its products for a period of 100 nights so that you get to know the new best friend of your nights better.

Emma Hybrid mattress at -33%: the mattress of your dreams

The Emma Hybrid mattress is full of strengths:

  • Extreme comfort: the combination of 3 foams and pocket spring technology guarantees unique comfort and pressure point relief thanks to 5 support zones.
  • Exceptional breathability: Airgocell foam ensures excellent air ventilation and high breathability in the mattress, ensuring ideal sleeping conditions. The use of springs reinforces breathability, so that the sleeper is neither too hot nor too cold.
  • Remarkable durability: the Que Choisir UFC tests did not reveal any degradation of the materials, even after 30,000 endurance cycles carried out in the laboratory, testifying to an extraordinary durability. You are guaranteed to have a mattress with an excellent lifespan.
Emma Hybrid at -33%

Emma Hybrid at -33% Emma

He is at 389.53 euros instead of 599 euros, or 210 euros savings!


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