Going to worship at the financial office hoping to get rich

ChinaHeadquarter of a financial office in An Nguyen district, Giang Tay province, suddenly became a popular attraction for many people to burn incense, worship to pray for wealth.

Burning incense, praying to ancestors and the gods to pray for blessings on the occasion of the new year, especially after the Lunar New Year is a traditional custom in China. People often go to temples or holy places to pray. Recently, in An Nguyen, Giang Tay, people also come to the front door of a financial office to pray for fortune.

In early February, the Chinese social network spread pictures of incense sticks, half-burned candles and votive candles scattered across the floor of a financial office. A government official said, many people came to this building late at night to pray for “fortune”.

The photo shows fragments left over from burned incense sticks and candles in front of a financial office in Anhui, Jiangxi Province, Eastern China. Image: Globaltimes.

This financial office was forced to issue a notice banning worshiping activities and recommended civilized behavior. “Be modern, do civilized things”, the notice has a paragraph.

An employee of a public agency said, local authorities will increase guidance to the people and try to stop these activities.

In some rural areas of China, people believe that burning incense in front of financial-related agencies, such as the local financial office or bank, can bring “God of Fortune” home and help. they make money easier.

Prayer activities usually take place late at night or early in the morning so that others cannot see them.

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