Going to study abroad, the daughter refuses to return home to meet her elderly parents

ChinaAlthough knowing that his parents had cancer, he did not have long to live, but Cao Tay, now a university lecturer in Germany, refused to return to his home country to meet them again.

In 1979, Mr. Cao Mogang from Lushunkou District, Dalian City, Liaoning Province got married and gave birth to a daughter, named Cao Xi, the name conveys the belief of a brilliant and happy life. happiness.

When he was a child, Cao Tay was smart, smart, and his grandparents considered him as a precious gem. The only daughter does not have to do any work in the house, even though her parents are farmers, her family is not well off.

Cao and his wife also attach great importance to their children’s education, hoping that their children will escape poverty by studying. True to parents’ expectations, since childhood, Cao Tay always had outstanding grades, and a certificate of merit hung on the wall. However, by the time of the university entrance exam in 1998, a conflict between her and her parents arose.

Cao Tay’s photo was taken with his mother when she was a high school student. Photo: qq.

Cao Tay likes the exciting life in the South, on the other hand, she feels that her parents are too strict with her, so she wants to escape and live far away from her family. Therefore, she wanted to enroll in a university in the South, but Cao’s grandparents vehemently objected.

With only one daughter, the couple did not agree to send her to study away from home, but wanted her to apply to Liaoning Normal University, later becoming a teacher. “It’s both stable and close to parents,” they said. Disagreeing, Cao Tay argued fiercely with his father, culminating in the father being so angry that he slapped his son twice. He wanted to warn his son’s resistance, but this action made the two’s feelings become more and more distant.

Even so, Cao Xi also entered the Liaoning Normal University. On the day her daughter entered school, her parents were so happy that they organized a big party to invite relatives and neighbors to join in the fun. When everyone was happy, congratulating each other in the yard, inside Cao Tay’s house wept silently. She thinks her life is being controlled. “I feel like I can’t breathe,” she confided in friends.

After entering university, Cao Tay did not study hard, but became increasingly rebellious. The girl often goes shopping, skips school to hang out… In the first semester, Cao Tay, who always gets excellent grades, failed a few subjects.

With poor grades, this girl begins to worry about the future. At that time, a friend suggested going abroad to study, just getting rid of his parents’ control and being able to train himself, Cao Tay was interested.

In June 2000, the girl talked about the idea of ​​studying abroad with her parents at a cost of 80,000 yuan. Cao Tay analyzed that going abroad can learn many things, which is very beneficial for his future career. Seeing that their daughter was constantly calling to beg and love her child, Cao’s grandparents had to agree. They borrowed everywhere, collected 80,000 yuan for their daughter to go to Germany.

In September 2000, the daughter boarded the plane, said goodbye to her parents with the promise: “When I come to Germany, I will study and work at the same time, my parents do not have to send money. When I return to study abroad, I will go to work. pay enough for parents”.

At first, Cao Tay sometimes called to visit, but because international fees were too expensive, she switched to writing letters. However, Cao and his wife only received two letters and then went unanswered. On New Year’s Day, when many other families reunite, the daughter doesn’t even call to ask about it.

In 2003, the couple received a phone call from Cao Xi, saying that she ran out of money to pay tuition fees, and asked to send 33,000 yuan. Almost a year later, the next call, but still the money faucet. Mr and Mrs. Cao, who only dared to eat vegetables all year round to save money to pay their children’s debt, loudly said that they could no longer borrow money. An argument broke out, Cao Tay then declared, never to contact his parents anymore.

After this call, Cao Tay cut off contact with his family. Mr and Mrs. Cao initially thought that their daughter was too busy with her studies to bother her. However, that was the last call they received.

Mr and Mrs. Cao have a notebook that records their daughter's calls.  Since 2005, they have not received any information about their child until his death at the end of 2021. Photo: qq.

Mr and Mrs. Cao have a notebook that records their daughter’s calls. Since 2005, they have not received any information about the child until his death at the end of 2021. Photo: qq.

As time passed, Cao Tay seemed to have completely evaporated, no one knew where she was. Every year, on New Year’s Eve, her parents leave a set of dishes and chopsticks on the table, hoping that their daughter will think back and return.

In 2020, Cao’s grandparents were found to have cancer in turn. In the last years of their lives, they had only one wish, to see their daughter again.

After learning of the circumstances, many local media reported. Some Chinese in Germany have offered to help the Cao and his wife find their daughter. In 2021, they found the whereabouts of Cao Xi, who had now changed his name, graduated with a doctorate and was teaching at a university in Germany. She is also married and has children.

When people mentioned her parents, Cao Tay just said that she was too busy and didn’t have time to go home. After hearing the news, Mr and Mrs. Cao asked the media not to add more, fearing that their daughter’s reputation would be affected and then lose their job.

Before dying in mid-2021, the mother only wished to see her daughter one last time, but the dream did not come true. Not long after the death of his wife, the father, because of so much pain and despair, also died.

Why does Cao Tay not want to contact his parents? The reason is unknown, she herself did not disclose.

However, this woman’s actions received many criticisms. Someone called her unfilial, ungrateful… when she abandoned her parents in old age. Others think that, no matter what, they are parents and cannot be treated with such dehumanization. “She also has children. Then see if she will be treated the same way she treated her parents in the future.”

Vy Trang (According to qq)


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