Goal and red card – two premieres for Hansas Riedel

October 25th was a memorable day for Hansa defender Julian Riedel (29): He celebrated two premieres in the 5: 1 against Viktoria Köln!

In his 165th third division game (for Münster, Aue and Hansa) he finally made his first goal. Cologne goalkeeper Mielitz caught a Verhoek header – exactly to Riedel, who was lurking at the post (3-0). Riedel had to laugh himself: “I couldn’t do anything anymore, he hits my hip. John did a great job beforehand, but that’s why I walk there. “

A goal with a long run-up! In August he already met in the state cup semi-finals. Riedel: “I’ve hit the post a couple of times this season, and I’ve had a couple of headers.”

Now finally the reward: “I don’t get such a game together very often: a goal, a template (to 1-0, d.Red), everything else well defended. Actually a successful day. “

Referee Bokop shows Riedel red. Baxter Bahn immediately apologized to Riedel: “I don’t hold it against him.”Photo: Lutz Bongarts

Actually. Because there was also the other, annoying premiere: So far, Riedel has never been thrown off the pitch (not in any other competition or in the youth). In order to iron out a loss of the ball by Baxter Bahn, he felled Cologne’s Wunderlich in the penalty area – gave a penalty and red.

Why didn’t he just let the opponent run when the score was 5-0?

Riedel: “That will never happen, not even with 10-0! I won’t let a striker run on goal as long as I have a chance to get the ball. That’s what I’m a defender for. “

Consolation for trainer Jens Härtel: Damian Roßbach can play again after being suspended from the red card.


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