Gift cards, the juicy deal for Christmas shops

We take a distracted look when we go to the cash desks of department stores, without necessarily realizing that it is one of the most common Christmas gifts after cash. Gift cards, which allow you to make deferred purchases in stores and are the ultimate last-minute gift, are on the rise as the holidays approach. And this year especially.

“In 2020, this market could reach 5 billion euros”, estimates Aria Ardalan, boss of Buy Box, an operator that publishes and manages gift cards for several major brands.

“It is growing on average by 20% per year due to the digitization of cards, which makes it possible to reach more users and increase volumes. “

The development of e-commerce and the lower use of cash, two trends that have seen a marked acceleration thanks to the Covid-19, are making a major contribution to this. The social and economic committees (CSE, former works councils), in a hurry to spend their unused budgets before the end of this year, have also proved to be excellent clients. And businesses have everything to gain.

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