GIE GERS, reference data in France for health, industrial and institutional players

An economic interest group, created in 1974 by pharmaceutical industry companies, the GIE GERS pools the health data of laboratories operating on the French market, with a view to obtaining a robust, reliable and exhaustive database allowing the market analysis and performance management.

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A group bringing together all the laboratories present in France, a privileged partner of the health authorities in the conventional regulation of medicines, the GIE GERS guarantees the exhaustiveness and quality of the sales data for medicines and health products, in pharmacies of city ​​and hospital.

Reference data in France for health, industrial and institutional actors, the GIE GERS allows the monitoring of the consumption of drugs in the city and in the hospital and is a key player in the monitoring of financial regulation.

Its objectives are to:

  • Collect daily, process and pool sales data for medicines and health products for the benefit of its members and health authorities;
  • Be the interlocutor between the pharmaceutical companies operating in France and the health authorities;
  • Produce studies to meet the specific needs of health actors;
  • Develop statistics for a better knowledge of the markets;
  • Produce monitoring data for conventional framework agreements.
GIE GERS, reference data in France for health, industrial and institutional players ©GIE GERS

GIE GERS, reference data in France for health, industrial and institutional players ©GIE GERS EIG GERS

Serving healthcare players for nearly 50 years

Organization with a unique mode of governance, the EIG GERS is the reference data in the framework agreement between the Medicines Companies (LEEM) and the Economic Committee for Health Products (CEPS). This framework agreement, which takes into account both the therapeutic innovations that are arriving at a sustained pace and the desire of the public authorities to make France a major drug-producing country again, profoundly revises certain rules for setting and regulating prices. drugs around five main objectives: speeding up lead times, promoting patient access to innovation, stimulating investment and exports, promoting the supply of drugs meeting a public health need, and strengthening transparency.

Produce the indicators necessary for a good understanding of the pharmaceutical market

The GIE GERS plays a central role in the conventional system and the economic regulation of reimbursable and hospital medicines. Each month, it produces a detailed dashboard integrating the key indicators necessary for a good understanding of the pharmaceutical market.

The sales data thus produced are used by the health authorities to determine the drug pricing policy based on the level of sales made by therapeutic class and by product, calculate the amount of the safeguard clause and conventional discounts.

An indispensable trusted third party

With 200 companies present on the medicine and health product markets in France, the GIE GERS is a producer of reliable data, serving the performance of all health players.

As an essential trusted third party between health authorities and pharmaceutical companies, it guarantees the high quality of data transmission in accordance with its specifications. The GERS also sets up secure websites intended to collect data, in particular on the hospital and on generics, for health institutions.

The responsibility and diversity of the members of its Board of Directors ensure the representation of all the member laboratories.

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