Ghost train set on fire ?: I’m not an arsonist!

Hanover – The flames destroyed his livelihood. Now bad rumors are ruining his reputation.

Almost two weeks ago one of the most popular horror attractions on German fairgrounds burned down on Schützenplatz: the “Shocker” (BILD reported)! Since then, operator Marcel Böttger (34) has been fighting against bad comments on the Internet: “There is a lot of malice on social media, including allegations that I set the railway on fire myself in order to collect an insurance sum – nonsense!”

In BILD the showman tells what actually happened on the night of the fire.

The drama: “I slept with my pregnant girlfriend in the trailer just three meters from the fire. We woke up when the truck tires had already become extremely hot, ”says Böttger. “We were just able to save ourselves, call the fire department.”

Böttger had only been running the ride, which was built in 1971, for a year

Photo: youtube

He had only put the nostalgic ride, built in 1971, into operation last year. The 34-year-old: “I put a lot of heart and soul into making the horror tour a special experience. I can barely stay afloat with my job as a steel construction worker, but I can’t build a new existence with it. I loved my ‘Shocker’. “

Has the ghost train been the target of a serial offender? Since yesterday, the police have been publicly looking for a 50-year-old who is said to have started 15 fires (including underground garages, stairwells), especially in the southern part of the city. Böttger: “I’m so angry with the perpetrator because I accepted that people could die. Hopefully he will be caught quickly. ”


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