Get the best 8-megapixel CCTV camera at home, these are options

The demand for CCTV cameras has increased a lot in the last few years. In terms of security, you will find CCTV cameras in markets, shopping complexes, offices and homes everywhere. Although earlier CCTVs were installed in public places, but now people install CCTV cameras in their homes too. If there is an elderly or child in the house, then people also install cameras for their care and safety. Nowadays in the market, you will get one to one excellent picture quality CCTV cameras. With the help of such a camera, you will see clear video quality. Let’s know about such CCTV cameras which have an 8 megapixel lens.

1. CP-UNC-TB81ZL6-VMDS Camera- You can get this CCTV camera installed to see every activity in the house completely. It is an 8 megapixel CCTV camera. Its wide range is 60 meters. It also has the facility of streaming 4K video with 16 x zoom. You can connect this camera with the phone. You also get the support of up to 128 GB memory card in the camera.

2. Secureye S-CCI3 Bullet Camera- SecureI is a big name in home security camera. In this camera, you will get an 8 megapixel resolution lens. Apart from this, it also has smart detection. In this camera you also get an infrared cut filter. This camera is also weatherproof. This camera can be connected to all devices on iPhone, iPad and Android.

3. Lorex LNB8005 Security Camera- In this camera of Lorax, you will also get an 8 megapixel lens. It is an HD CCTV camera. The maximum range of the camera is 40 meters. It also has the support of night vision. The weight of this camera is 500 grams.

4. Hikvision 8MP CCTV Bullet Camera- In this camera too, you will get an 8 megapixel sensor. This camera has been rated IP67 for water and dustproof. The camera can be operated from -40 ° F to 140 ° F. The output of this camera is black and white with color.


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