Germany’s hosts fear a new lockdown – “Merkel is killing our industry”

Berlin – They have been fighting for their existence for months – and fear that the impending second lockdown will now finish them off. The corona panic prevails among Germany’s hoteliers and restaurateurs!

“A third of the companies in our industry will not survive the winter,” fears Ingrid Hartges from the Hotel and Restaurant Association (Dehoga). “The majority of the establishments have adhered to all hygiene protection concepts”, says Hartges, and gastronomy has nothing to do with illegal parties.

According to BILD information, this is also confirmed by the Robert Koch Institute (RKI): restaurants are NOT the drivers of the pandemic, according to the RKI’s assessment in an internal federal-state conference on Monday.

Hartges therefore warns: “I can only advise everyone involved to examine the measures more carefully. For the measures to be accepted, it is extremely important that they are carefully justified. “

In BILD, hosts say what they are afraid of:

“Merkel is killing our industry”

Thomas Förster (55), operator of “Bratwurst Röslein” in Nuremberg

Thomas Förster (55), operator of “Bratwurst Röslein” in NurembergPhoto: private

“I’m 100 percent afraid! Merkel is killing our industry. The RKI reported that no infections came from the hospitality industry. We invested 25,000 euros – for hygiene dispensers, masks, Plexiglas panes, and special filters for ventilation. But there are hardly any guests. I’m not going to close, but I’ve already had to lay off ten employees. “

“In January we are no more!”

Ute Stöhr (51), landlady of the “Zum Schießhaus” restaurant in Dresden

Ute Stöhr (51), landlady of the “Zum Schießhaus” restaurant in DresdenPhoto: Andreas Weihs

“We are very concerned that there will be a lockdown again. Our staff is also afraid of short-time work – and that before Christmas. We have done everything: have Plexiglas panels made, we disinfect every hour, wear masks, keep our distance, limit the number of guests and have updated the ventilation. If we don’t have the Christmas business, we won’t be around in January. “

“With a lockdown, I have to fire people”

Sandro Convertino (65), operator of “La Bruschetta” in Hamburg

Sandro Convertino (65), operator of “La Bruschetta” in HamburgPhoto: Martin Brinckmann

“We bought eight partition walls for 250 euros each, so we have fewer seats to keep the distances. Means: high costs, lower sales. If there is a lockdown again, we may have to lay people off. The job is not fun in these circumstances. We work almost 15 hours a day and are treated like criminals. “

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“A second lockdown can only be achieved with state aid”

Nico Salku (46), innkeeper at the “Va Bene” restaurant in Munich

Nico Salku (46), innkeeper at the “Va Bene” restaurant in MunichPhoto: Theo Klein

“We invested 2,000 euros in renovations in the spring, and now another 10,000 euros for the winter – for radiant heaters, a pavilion, umbrellas. A second lockdown would be bad and could only be achieved with government help. I have a lot of regular guests, but some get anxious when the government demands as few contacts as possible. “

I have no more reserves “

Markus Vogt (48), operator of the “Kwartier” pub in Cologne: “A lockdown would be absurd and unworldly. Then people continue celebrating privately or illegally. This year I already have a slump in sales of up to 40 percent with costs rising by 10 percent. Most of the state aid goes to the landlord, hardly helps me. I have no more reserves. If I have to close for another three months, that’s it! “

“It doesn’t make sense to reschedule the curfew”

Stefan Tirree (32), boss of the Café

Stefan Tirree (32), boss of the Café “Tirree” in BerlinPhoto: private

“I’m not afraid! It’s anger because everyone is scare tactics. I’ve bought tents, everything is being cleaned more often, but the prices have stayed the same. I don’t know if my café will still be there after another lockdown. Politicians have to rethink, it doesn’t make sense to postpone curfew by an hour. We should start living with the virus. “

“We’ll hold out for another six months”

Gritt Englert (45), head of the & quot; Weinstock & quot;  from Leipzig

Gritt Englert (45), boss of the “Weinstock” from LeipzigPhoto: Alexander Schumann

“I’m sure there will be a lockdown, no later than Christmas time. We would then be thrown back to zero after recovering over the summer. We have created a comprehensive hygiene concept – completely without government aid, because we have annual sales of over one million euros. In the event of a lockdown, we’ll hold out for another six months. “

“We are treated like criminals”

Easy Cindilkaya (40), owner of the “Easy” bar in Rottal-Inn (Bavaria): “The lockdown in our city hits me hard. I have three businesses. We are running out of patience, we have no more hope. We are treated like criminals, but we are not the drivers of the pandemic, but mainly the commuters. It also affects the psyche, nobody knows what tomorrow or the day after tomorrow will be. “

“We have our backs to the wall”

Moritz Ludorf (29), head of the

Moritz Ludorf (29), head of the “Kleiner Kiepenkerl” restaurant in Münster (North Rhine-Westphalia)Photo: Michael Engelberg

“In the last few months we have invested a lot of time and our last reserves to make our gastronomy a safe place. Now we have our backs to the wall because we are close to the next lockdown. We no longer understand politics in many places. We are part of the solution, not the problem! “


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