Germany: Tesla, facing legal problems, wants to complete its giant factory

Posted on Apr 28, 2021, 10:42 AMUpdated Apr 28, 2021, 12:35 PM

When can Tesla start production in Germany? Braked by the wait for administrative authorizations, the American giant of electric cars announced that its factory near Berlin should open before the end of the year, after having hoped for a start of production in July.

As a result, the Brandenburg State Ministry of the Environment announced that it had received a request from Tesla to be able to work 24 hours a day during the week, as well as to be able to carry out interior construction work on Sundays. This should allow the installation of ventilation chimneys.

Administrative delay

The construction of this large factory located in Grünheide, near the German capital, which should eventually produce 500,000 vehicles, is not so much delayed by technical problems as by the wait for final construction authorizations from the local authorities. . A long process harshly criticized by Tesla.

This delay is mainly due to appeals from environmental defense associations. They criticize in particular the future Tesla of being too greedy in water and of presenting risks for the local fauna. The coronavirus pandemic has also extended the deadlines.

A risk of a fine

The Brandenburg Ministry of the Environment has also reported a two-week suspension of work after routine checks were discovered last March of sewage pipes installed without authorization. On Tuesday, he announced that he was considering fining Tesla.

Tesla had to post a deposit of 100 million euros to finance a possible dismantling of these installations that came out of the ground without a permit. At the beginning of April, the car manufacturer regretted in a letter sent to the authorities an “irritating” delay, recalling in particular that no court decision justifies these delays.

Growing Tesla

On Monday, Tesla announced a 74% increase in first-quarter revenue, with a profit of $ 438 million over the same period. A success due to the sale of CO2 credits to its competitors and bitcoins, but also to the delivery of nearly 185,000 vehicles, a record. Orders also poured in, in particular due to lower prices.

To meet this demand, Tesla is counting on several “gigafactories” like the one under construction in Germany. The latter is also set to become one of the main battery production sites in the world, with a target of 10GWh per year.

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