Germany opens up: there is hope again – the new beer feeling

I already know exactly what this evening will be like.

We’ll sit at a table in front of my local pub in Berlin and order a round of beer. The evening sun will shine, murmurs and laughter, a tram rumbles past.

We’ll toast, laughing and cracking with exuberance, the beer will spill over and stick and nobody will be bothered by it. We will be many, friends from near and far, vaccinated and recovered, not just my wife and me. Don’t get me wrong: I love my wife very much. But we’ve spent a lot of time together in the last 15 months.

Boss Heike Seebaum (54) cleans the “Fischerhütte” on Berlin’s Schlachtensee – the incidence has to be below 100 for five days to open it. On Friday it fell below 100 for the first time in weeks in BerlinPhoto: Sven Darmer

We will order the next round, it will taste even more like freedom. We haven’t seen our friends in ages. Some of them came to Berlin especially, we have so much to tell each other, live and carefree, everyone will be jumbled together.

We’ll laugh together, the later, the louder. We’re going to toast far too often. To life! To love! To Ugur Sahin, his wife Özlem Türeci and to the fact that the fears and worries of the last few months have grown paler!

Full house: In the legendary

Full house: In the legendary “Gosch” on Sylt, there is again fish with freshly tapped beerPhoto: Wolfgang Barth / SYLTPRESS

We’ll sit there and drink beer and make wild plans until late into the mild summer night. Next weekend to the Baltic Sea? Why not! Celebrate the birthday afterwards? Good idea!

In Scharbeutz, the sun loungers are already on the Baltic Sea beach

In Scharbeutz, the sun loungers are already on the Baltic Sea beachPhoto: ddp images / Chris Emil Janßen

Everything will suddenly be possible again. The world, fearful and isolated for so long, will finally be open to us again.

When we say goodbye, we will be in each other’s arms for much longer than before, because we now know how much you can miss that. Kiss on the right, kiss on the left.

How much I’m looking forward to this evening. To this beer. To this summer! The best thing is: this evening is not far off. As I write this, I hear on the radio: The incidence in Berlin is below 100 for the first time in months. You are talking about relaxation, cinemas and outdoor dining.

I’m going to open a beer. It tastes of hope, of light at the end of the tunnel.

This is how Germany opens up

The corona numbers are falling – now Germany is opening faster and faster!

► In Bavaria, beer gardens are allowed to open from Monday.

► According to BILD information, Berlin will decide on Tuesday that outdoor dining will reopen on May 14th.

► Brandenburg wants to allow outdoor catering and tourism from May 22nd.

► Hamburg wants to abolish the curfew in the coming week. Gastro and retail should then open gradually

► In Saxony-Anhalt, for example, beer gardens, theaters and camping sites are to be opened at Whitsun. Prerequisite for all easing in cities and rural districts: the incidence must be stable below 100.


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